Backlink Recognition

All of your links from the most reputable backlink-checking websites on the internet will be instantly recognized by The ROI Spot. This makes sure that every possible link that can be accounted for is taken into account.

Link Analysis Algorithm

Since our inception, we have evaluated tens of thousands of links and have created unique analytic algorithms to identify unnatural backlinks. We examine the more than 75 available data points and indicators for each link.

Unnatural Data Link Base

We compare your connections to the most comprehensive list of known unnatural domains that Google has already designated as "unnatural"! Since our inception, we have assisted hundreds of clients in removing penalties caused by artificial links.

We will help you with:

Quality Link Building
Influencer Relationships
Recovery of the lost links
Tracking of Keywords

Building links of the highest caliber is essential for increasing website traffic. Be aware of the top-notch, pertinent websites you might approach for outreach and link development.

We keep an eye on your brand and cultivate connections with influencers. We keep track of any new links that lead to your website. We closely monitor your website's activity and establish connections with authoritative sites.

You put a lot of effort into guest posting and advertising to gain links. What if a site on this list removes your link? The Roi Spot will inform you right away of the setback. We will find for you any important lost links.

Be aware of your Google ranking for desirable keywords. Keep track of the changes over time and how your backlink variations have an impact. (Includes Local Pack)

The Roi Spot Will Help You with:

What Clients Say About Our Services

Elizabeth Mark
Marketing Manager

I worked with The ROI SPOT to fully optimize my website. An agency previously optimized my website. However, they were unsuccessful in getting it to rank. Their team performed all necessary technical, on-page, and off-page SEO for my website to rank well in search results. I hired them for three months initially. Now I am with them for an entire year.

Allan Steven

I want to say a big thanks to their team. Because of The ROI Spot team's efforts, my business has prospered. My company has benefited greatly from its SEO and SMM services in terms of traffic and has helped me maintain my presence in my target market. Great work!

Bob McGrath
Real Estate Expert

I own a real estate and construction company in Texas. I was missing a massive chunk of revenue. Thanks to this agency. Their team updated my website content and did some magic. My marketing started getting many calls and messages from clients inquiring about our services. My business jumped up by 300% in 2021. I am 100% satisfied with their SEO strategies. They are champs!

2018 SEO Market Leader

SEO Market Leader in 2022: Why the ROI Spot?

We'll give specific examples of how our SEO marketing strategies have helped our clients succeed.

Human Level Link Analysis

We do not stop at any point. Your backlinks will be manually reviewed by our skilled link analysis professionals, who will then provide you with an easy-to-read report outlining which links you should remove. Our staff knows that algorithms can only determine connection quality to a certain extent. This guarantees that the worst-offending links are addressed first.

Human-level link analysis

User-Friendly Audit

Our backlink Audit report has been streamlined to make it easier for users to understand which connections are beneficial and, more significantly, which links might harm your business's rankings. Links to your website still account for 70% of the SEO landscape in use today. If done correctly, your brand will shine! If done incorrectly, you could ultimately damage your website.

User-Friendly Link Audits

Improvement Google Ranking

Your website will be simpler for crawlers to detect and index the more trustworthy links pointing to it, improving your position for specific keywords on Google. Google uses the number of backlinks as another important signal that your website has earned the trust of other websites and that your webpages are worthy of being linked to. Your website's Google PageRank (PR) value will rise as the number of incoming links increases.

Improve your Google PageRank (PR) value

Professional Backlink Engineers

We will evaluate your website and provide you with a reasonable cost estimate for our qualified engineers to assist in repairing its bugs. If you choose a reputable in-house SEO link audit service like ours, CERTIFIED backlink analysis engineers will evaluate your website.

Certified Backlink Examination Engineers

Diagnose Your Toxic Links Understand Your Position:

  • Understanding Your Position
  • Accumulation of Backlinks
  • Backlink Diagnosis
  • Reporting

Understanding Your Position

We'll begin by discovering why the links were removed from your website and their context. This could include agency reports and prior link building that you or other third parties have considered.

Accumulation of Backlinks

Then, after gathering data from thousands of diverse sources worldwide, including Moz Open Site Explorer, Webmaster Tools, and Majestic SEO, we will produce the most in-depth analysis of your website's past and present backlinks.

Backlink Diagnosis

We will use a combination of powerful grading signals to assess the risk level of each inbound backlink. Then, we remove penalized and suspicious-looking websites.


You will be given a report that includes every backlink to your website. With contact forms and emails for the websites and owners of the links, there will be trust scores and tags indicating the prohibited or suspect links.

Grow with THE ROI SPOT

Elimination of Audit & Backlinks

We'll start one of the most aggressive backlink removal efforts, contacting the webmasters hosting the poisonous links and requesting their removal. We'll accomplish this by collecting emails using a variety of unique bespoke mail templates made just for you, resulting in many removal requests being sent to each webmaster. If there are phone numbers or other contact methods available, we may additionally engage any websites that have online forms. Otherwise, we shall make every attempt to remove your inbound links. A final report describing deletions and the times contacts were made will be available. You will receive paid removals requests after a final report.

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